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We really look forward to establishing an ongoing relationship with each new customer!

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Coins - Buy or Sell


We are your trusted buyer of rare coins, coin collections, bullion, certified coins, graded coins, mint error coins, proof coins and more.


Friendly, informative staff, great inventory and selections.


AU Coin and Jewelry is the reliable local store to buy or sell your collectible coins.

Locally Owned


Locally owned and operated this is where you can find out what you need to know! 


Nick loves old coins and has been collecting for 30+ years.


We are proud to have long-standing customers who know we are always ready to help.


Half the fun is in the search for those old and rare coins.




We both buy and sell silver and gold bullion. Selling silver bullion as low as $.85 over spot.

1 - 199 ounces spot + $1.25 ea

200-499 ounces spot + $1.10 ea
500-999 ounces spot + $1.00 ea
1000 or more spot + 95 cents or less ea


(503) 364-9379

Selling Jewelry?


AU Coin & Jewelry has consistently been 1 of Salem's highest payers for your jewelry no matter if it's gold silver or platinum.

We are always looking for unusual jewelry or unique jewelry items.


(503) 364-9379

Coin Collections 


Looking for coins to add to your collections? We may have it!


Inventory is constantly changing. We are always looking for better condition or unique items, whether it is coins, currency, US or foreign. We try to pay top dollar.


Come take a look to see what we have.

(503) 364-9379

Fine Jewelry


From vintage jewelry to fine jewelry, we have it all.


Renee is a certified jewelry professional with more than 30 years experience and loves to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to fit your needs and desires.


We are proud to have long-standing customers who know we are always ready to help.

Sterling Silver


Whether your'e buying or selling sterling silver, or flatware we generally pay more and sell for less.



(503) 364-9379

We Buy & Sell!


It could be that you  have inherited jewelry or have a collection of jewelry pieces that you wish to sell or just need to be evaluated.


AU Coin & Jewelry buys and sells gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Don't hesitate to call or stop by with your jewelry to receive a fair valuation and appraisal of worth.


(503) 364-9379



AU Coin & Jewelry takes pride in fantastic customer relationships and service.



(503) 364-9379

Foreign Money


While most foreign coins and currency post WWII have no real value, there definitely is a market for it.

We are always interested in Canadian and European coins and currency.


(503) 364-9379

Dental Gold


I'm simply able to pay more for your yellow dental gold because I have such low overhead. Depending on who you get quotes from, it could be several times more.
There is never any pressure to sell if you do not want to sell!


(503) 364-9379

Oddities & Tokens


We welcome shoppers who are looking for interesting and unique items! 


Give us a call or stop by to find out what we might have that you are looking for. 


(503) 364-9379

 Jewelry Repair

While we do not have a repair person, we do have some very competent jewelers who are surpringly reasonable in their pricing for repairs.


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Coins, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bullion, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Tokens, Stamps
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